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Wise People Hang Around Smart People

by / Tuesday, 21 February 2012 / Published in MasterMind
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For most entrepreneurs and business owners this is the case.  We all know that we should surround ourselves with like minded people, success oriented people, but for some reason truly understanding what this will do for out business and our lives does not quite seem clear.


There is a satisfaction that only comes with talking with our peers. People that add to the conversation.  People that bring value and experience to the conversation.  We have great employees they are smart, and loyal.  But it’s just not the same.  When our employees go home at night they leave work behind.

When we go home at night in many cases we go straight to the office we have set up in our house and we keep on working.  You may have a note pad next to your bed to write down any ideas you get in the night.  I can pretty much guarantee your employees do NOT have a note pad next to their bed.  You are dreaming about work and success.  Your employees are dreaming about the weekend.


What if you were surround with like minded positive people that were just as passionate as we are?  What if we had objective business people that were committed to our success?  What if these friendships matured in to mentorships, or loyal trustworthy alliances of people that wanted to see us succeed, and would do almost anything to make that happen.

One of my favourite quotes is from King Solomon, he said


What an amazing word MULTITUDE, I’m not sure how big a Multitude is but is sure is more than three.  Let’s take a quick assessment of where you are at right now. Be honest with yourself. How many counsellors do you have?

Who can you call and ask them anything you want, and they will have the answer?  For me the answer used to be two.  I started to realize that two is NOT a multitude.  I knew if I was going to make the road to massive success easier and quicker, I sure needed more than two.  How about you?

How close are you to a Multitude?


    • Are They Smarter Than You?
    • Do They Care about Your Success?
    • Can You Trust Them?


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  1. If there is anyone I know who understands masterminds it is Stephen. I have never met someone so in tune with networking for benefits that anyone in any niche can use to expand their knowledge and resources. He has been my secret weapon that I don’t like anyone else to know.

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