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Talk Less - Say More MasterMind Survival Skills


The first step in creating value for everyone around you is to carefully watch what comes out of your mouth.  We are in a society that talks for the sake of talking.  This is NOT the pathway to success. 

It is quite a challenge to get control over your own tongue.  To start to make yourself aware of value, pay attention to what people are saying around you. 


Ask yourself these 5 questions about what people say…

  • What will this do for me?
  • Will this make my life better?
  • Does this bring me close to the problem or the solution?
  • Is this positive or negative?
  • Am I learning anything valuable?


Soon you will start to realize that the people around you are saying very little.  Being a person of value sets you apart as a special person very quickly.

When you are analyzing what people around you are saying you are at the same time training yourself to be a person who creates value with what you say.



We all want quantum change in our life, but trying to do too much at one ends up getting nothing done.  Tell the members of your MasterMind Group that you are going to focus on creating value with what you say.  Make yourself accountable to them. Then focus on this skill until you really get a handle on listening for value, speaking less, and creating value with your words.



You will also notice that your listening skills automatically get better as you experience listening for value.  This is a double benefit because very few people are good listeners, even those that think they are good listeners can stand some improvement.

When you can get people to notice that you are actually listening to them in deeper way than most people do, this creates massive value because people love it when you pay attention to them and actually care what they are talking about.



Every once in a while someone will be honest enough with me and themselves to admit that they really don’t care what other people are talking about. They don’t really want to listen and they feel that other people are wasting their time, and their attention.



If you find that you feel this way my advice is simple, JUST STOP IT!  Make a decision that you will find people valuable. Not understanding and appreciating people will undermine your success, and your positive attitude.  I do not mean that if you find someone who wants to talk to you all day about nothing that you spend your day with them. That is not the point.   We need to care about other people while graciously getting ourselves out of that situation so we can focus on our highest value activity at that time.

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