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  Many people don’t realize they MasterMind everyday.  Everything around affects you and changes the course of you destiny.  Because the changes are so small, seemingly so insignificant they remain unnoticed for years until you wake up one day to realize that your life is half over and you are not even close to the destination

The road to becoming a person of value is like going from blindness to sight.   It’s like being in a blizzard, with the snow coming down so heavy that you can barely see your hand in front of your face.  This is what it’s like in the world of media.  Everything is designed to

  The first step in creating value for everyone around you is to carefully watch what comes out of your mouth.  We are in a society that talks for the sake of talking.  This is NOT the pathway to success.  It is quite a challenge to get control over your own tongue.  To start to

SELF HELP WITHOUT THE “SELF”   There is a counter intuitive  concept that was understood much better a hundred years ago. It was considered completely out of the question to focus all your attention on yourself and getting what you want.  It was understood that we should focus on others before ourselves, and this was the

[wpevp id="evp-fe551717caf49ec2e70361bdf89d86a5-wrap" class="evp-video-wrap" src="" init="bmFwb2xlb25oaWxsLWludGVydmlldy0xLm1wNA==" /]   In this never before seen interview Napoleon Hill answers your questions about the MasterMind. Take an amazing journey back in time and here the master himself speak about the power of the MasterMind for achieving all your dreams.  Even if you have read Napoleon Hills classic “Think and

[wpevp id="evp-4648bbdc11c5c8d34f285f82e70fe4e3-wrap" class="evp-video-wrap" src="" init="Ym9keWd1YXJkLTEubXA0" /]     Business is a dangerous sport with as a many as 9 out 10 businesses ultimately failing. Napoleon Hill made a radical statement. This is what what he said… THE MASTERMIND PROVIDES ABSOLUTE PROTECTION FROM FAILURE. The fact that 9 out of 10 businesses fail make this claim

[wpevp id="evp-9254c7fa6e57001e94a2c67b5f17082e-wrap" class="evp-video-wrap" src="" init="bmFwb2xlb25oaWxsLTEtMS5tcDQ=" /] We all “think” we are ready for success.  How do we Really know?  There is often internal resistance to change inside us even when that change is awesome.  Even when it’s exactly what we think we want.   We allow self sabotage to rob us of the very thing we want.

[wpevp id="evp-aa8b33222e0d135db6c70d1eb91849d9-wrap" class="evp-video-wrap" src="" init="N2hhYml0cy1tYXN0ZXJtaW5kLTEubXA0" /] [break] I hope you have read this classic book The 7 habits of highly effective people. There is so much timeless wisdom here. One of the life changing things that Stephen Covey teaches us in the 7 habit is about the 4 quadrants of time management. However in the

[wpevp id="evp-31301fb0bd761c17b6309b544e885f61-wrap" class="evp-video-wrap" src="" init="M3JlbGF0aW9uc2locHMtMS5tcDQ=" /]   We all do it.  We may do it in different ways but the outcome is the same. Stagnation. We all get stuck the same type of relationships that we are comfortable with.  In most cases these relationships are often contrary to our long term goals and dreams.  Very

Your Destiny is being decided

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The Magic of the MasterMind

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If you were to search google for (MasterMind  and  Magic) You would find many people who have described what goes on in a MasterMind with this word “MAGIC” simply because no one,  “UNTIL NOW” has been able to capture and explain what makes a MasterMind Group so powerful and effective. [break] Some have wondered aloud

The Foundation of Great Success

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ARE YOU THE SMARTEST PERSON YOU KNOW? For most entrepreneurs and business owners this is the case.  We all know that we should surround ourselves with like minded people, success oriented people, but for some reason truly understanding what this will do for out business and our lives does not quite seem clear. PEER POWER There

  NAPOLEON HILLS WORLD Think and Grow Rich was shaped in conflict because the world Napoleon Hill lived in was a world of conflict. This is one of the many aspects people tend to over look when they read Think and Grow Rich.  In 1917 when Napoleon Hill was 34 years old America was finally

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   An alliance is a relationship with a commitment.  It is these commitments that we honor and keep that make reliable alliance partners.  Alliances require trust and  loyalty this is why you rarely see alliances. Alliances happen naturally inside of a MasterMind Group.  Because of the nature of MasterMind Groups people who join, get involved and stay for the long


Is Networking a waste of time?

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If you were to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffet would you be wasting your time? Would you have something better to do? When you are getting rich by having coffee with people then you are networking in the right place…        

Friend of the wise

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  [pullquote align="left|center|right" textalign="left|center|right" width="30%"]King Solomon wisely said,  “He who walks with the wise becomes wise, and a companion of fools will be destroyed” Proverbs 13:20   [/pullquote]  As I have watched people for many years, and studied psychology and NLP, I started to notice that this principle that affects many areas of our lives. For

Take It To The Next Level

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  The Law of Association determines your destiny. This is one law of success that must be mastered if you wish to attain success more quickly and easily.